Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Welcome to the World of Sling

Did I mention that Ladan gave me a Slingbox SOLO for my birthday? Nice stuff. She got it off of Amazon, which had the best price by a long shot. One nice feature is that the Slingbox can be tucked away, out of sight. It doesn't use an IR remote control since you control it all from your PC. I put mine in the cabinet behind the TV and ran all the wires behind the cabinets. It's hooked to the component jacks of my HD TiVo so I can stream both live or TiVo'd shows no matter where I am.

I did buy, for $30, the Sling player app on the iPhone. It's a great addition. It comes in handy when I'm traveling around town or around the country. It requires that I be on a WiFi connection, but that's not generally hard to find when I'm in a fixed location.