Friday, August 24, 2012

Fallen Heroes / Cheaters

Now, today, it's Lance Armstrong.  Recently it was Joe Paterno, Barry BondsMark McGwire, Rod BlagojevichYears ago it was Pete Rose.  And many others.  I'm sure everyone can name a few.

Why?  Why do people that grew up to become iconic figures have to achieve it by cheating and in the process, betray us...the fans, the followers, the believers, the public, the country, the world.  And why do we and the press that promotes their achievements fall for their dishonesty time after time?  And despite the overwhelming evidence everyone can see which publicly convicts them, they continue to deny, to deflect, to request reconsideration.  To ask for our trust yet one more time.  Liars all, I think, at least certainly not heroes.  (I borrowed all these pictures from Internet sites.)

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