Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hands Up, Don't Shoot and I Can't Breath

I can't take it any more.  I've been publicly silent about this too long.  And yesterday (20 Dec 14) the inevitable happened; two officers were assassinated in New York City, officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, and Officer Charles Kondek was killed in the Tampa area early today (21 Dec 14).

Michael Brown (9 Aug 14): A grown man, a large man, a criminal, and a thug.  He's not the "unarmed youth" the press likes to call him.  He's not the innocent youth his family portrays.  Unlike the reports from so many in the community he was not killed while fleeing, he did not put his hands up and attempt to surrender.  He had beaten up a guy that morning with his friend during some petty theft from a store.  He later refused to comply with the orders from the police to get out of the road.  He then punched Officer Darren Wilson in the head and face while attempting to take his gun.  Bad choice.  Everyone now knows that Officer Wilson shot and killed Brown while Brown was bull-rushing Officer Wilson in what anyone would consider an effort to harm Officer Wilson.  Fore more information and references see Wikipedia on Brown's death.  Brown was not killed because he is black.

Why did so many of the witnesses initially report that Brown had his hands up and was just killed by Officer Wilson without cause?  What incredible stories these people reported!  I can't begin to explain it.  Then for months the media and the race hucksters (Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Gov. Nixon, President Obama) seemed to fuel these lies and incite the violence.  All lies?  All liars?  All responsible for the violence in the community that their words incited?  What a wonderful set of "leaders".

Eric Gardner (17 Jul 14): A habitual criminal who made a living breaking the law selling his black market cigarettes and being a scofflaw.  Despite having been arrested time and time again, on the day of his death he decided to become belligerent and pick a fight with the police.  Bad choice.  The police were threatened, and the effected his arrest.  The choke hold was against police policy, but was not a criminal act.  That officer has been dismissed from the NYPD.  For more information and references see Wikipedia on Gardner's death.

Why was Gardner's death not a matter of national media concern until after Brown's death and the pair of Grand Jury announcements?  Again, how do I know what's in the heads of these media idiots and race hucksters people have been drawn out to the streets to stage protests and engage in unrelated violence.  One day these same people are attcking Phillip Morris for making cigarettes, and they next day  they are giving Gardner a free pass for selling un-taxed cigarettes on the streets.  Gardner was not killed because he was black.

The Police: Please see Chris Rock's comedy bit about how to not get your ass kicked by the police.   His good message delivered with comedy: Don't break the law;  When you are confronted by the police, SHUT THE FUCK UP and do what the police say;  BE POLITE;  SHOW RESPECT.  Only an idiot would do anything else.  When I have been pulled over by the cops, or stopped by them in non-driving circumstances, I see that they are stressed.  I see that they have their hands on their guns.  I shut up, I say "yes sir", I keep my hands in sight.  Simply, I realize that if the confrontation goes badly, it's going to go badly for me, not for them.

Race Hucksters: I can't imagine why anyone gives these people the time of day.  I don't see how they do anything good for people of color or have done anything to help race relations in the USA.  It looks to me like these people make a living out of keeping race relations bad.  If they gave a shit about race, or crime, or black lives, they would do something about the epidemic violence in Washington DC and Chicago.  If they gave a shit about police violence motivated by race, they might give attention to the shooting of Dillon Thomas in Utah (11 Aug 14).

President Obama: Sadly for race relations in the USA, Holder and Obama have shown by their actions that disparate treatment based on race in legal matters is OK.  Sadly, we have learned during the Obama administration that justice is not blind; justice is more willing to give a pass to minority criminal behavior than to non-minority criminal behavior.  Ask yourself: What happens if this lesson is carried forward into a later "white administration"?  Maybe justice never was blind and was always dispensed unevenly.  OK, I accept that.  But instead of improving on that evil the Obama administration seems to have reenforced the behavior.  God help us.

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