Monday, November 14, 2016

Gun Rights and the Right to Carry

Here is my proposal to address many things going wrong in our country today.  The main issues that this proposal helps to address are:

1. Increasing violence against women
2. Increasing terrorism, both domestic and externally inspired
3. Increasing public violence, both gun and non-gun using
4. Increasing crime rates in urban areas

Summary of Proposal:

The Federal Government should pass a law designating that all adult (age 25 and over), non-felon females are to be issued small caliber "purse guns", and a box of 20 cartridges.  All women will be required to complete a four-hour training course in gun safety and target practice.  Upon completion of the training course, the women are issued their weapon, a lock, and cartridges.  Those women are legally authorized for concealed carry of that weapon (or any self-purchased hand-gun) for the rest of their lives.

Some Suggested Implementation Details:

A small, light weapon that fits the hand of the average female should be selected.  Something like the S&W 43 C would be good.  I expect that a purchase contract for 80 million of these would produce a significant price savings.

Federally issued weapons under this program would be allowed as concealed-carry into any venue, including any venues that call themselves "gun free zones".  That concept would become a thing of the past, and that set of self-established soft targets would vanish.

The initial training period might require two to four years to implement due to the number of woman to be trained and the number of training centers.  Though the opportunity the law present would cause any number of new training centers to enter the business.  Some minimum qualification requirements would need to be established.

No state should be allowed to subvert the law.  The Second Amendment seems to allow this.  If the force of armed women were designated as the "National Citizens Militia" by the law it would make the 2nd Amendment tie even more compelling.

Women should not be required to carry the weapon, but should be required to be trained and be issued their weapon.

Any man found in possession of such a government issued handgun, except when temporarily holding it inside of his wife's purse on her explicit request) would be convicted of a felony.

Everyone would know that all women are potentially armed and potentially able to defend themselves from attack.  Additionally, I suspect that a large number of women will concealed-carry their weapon and will create a force against random violence and attack, either criminal or terrorist attack.  Certainly a rapid armed response to terrorism will be the most effective way to minimize injury during a terrorist attack.  Imagine if 25% to 50% of the people at the Paris night club, or the Orlando night club, were armed that the attackers probably would not have picked that sight, or would have been put down much faster if they did attack that site.

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